Alum Stone – Risk or fake news?


Alum stone’ propertis are know since several centuries, it even appaeras in some Egyptian papyrus.

Used as a cosmetic, it also has known several use in dpaitinging, leather work, agriculture…

Alum stone has alos been used in medicine since tthe 19th Century thanks tyo its antiseptic and astringent properties.

Alum : How is made?

Potassium Alum is the only natural alum, even if there is a large offer of ammonium alum that is a chemical copy of alum stones.

Alum form natural origin is obtained form the alunite, that is the only natural stone that permis a natural treatment to obtain alum.

All the other sources needs to use chemical products to obtain alum.

Tha’s why the alum stones we offer are 100% natural.

Alum : Danger ?

We ear in some articles that alum stone coudl be a danger , cause there is a part of aluminium salt in, so what is the real statement?

First, as the last French manufacturer of alum stones we always have said that our alum stones is a double sulphate of aluminium and potassium. Nevertheless that point needs some clarification.

Aluminium percentage in an alum stone is a very small part of it (around 5%), but the most imporant is that when you wet the stone to apply it on your body the aluminium part is estimated to less  than 0.5%, that is to say below all the safeyt limits describes by legal authorities.

Moreover, and this is maybe the most important, nowadays, nobody is able to prove the transcutaneous passage of alum stone molecula.

You’ll find below a study (in French) regarding the percentage of aluminium applied in using an alum stone.



It’s alo important to note that as a double sulphate alum stone could’nt be assimilated to a classic aluminium salt.

Laboratoires Osma’ Alum stone is dangerous ?

As there is no proof of transcutaneous passage of the alum stone in the body, we can’t say that there is any risk in using Laboratoire Osma alum stones.

Moreover, as said previously taluminium’ bring by using alum stone is very low.

At last, we benefit of now more than 2000 years of analysis about alum stones used a s a cosmetics, and byn the way there is no information about any risk.

The advice of a dermatologist. (in French)


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